Making Arrangements for a Booking with Dave is Easy!

To discuss your program with Dave, simply fill out the Booking Request Form below. You might be amazed how quickly he gets back to you.

The Common Questions section below gives answers for the most frequently asked questions that come up in the booking process.

Common Questions

Pricing - How much does a concert/workshop/residency cost?

This will always vary according to how much travel is involved, the number of performances/workshops desired, etc. As a general rule, prices start in the $500-700 range + travel expenses. An exact price quote will be given right away through email (“dave” at “”) or over the phone once you’ve indicated the number of programs/workshops/concerts you’re interested in, the exact location of the performances, and the range of dates you’re considering. There may be discounts available if your dates are flexible.

When is Dave available?

Dave performs full-time, and is available just about any day of the year that’s not already reserved. He generally does not schedule long “tours” or come to communities for a large block of days, but rather, he is available all throughout the year to travel to your locale for a day or two (or five, in special circumstances).

How much advance notice is needed in setting up a booking?

Bookings have been arranged as quickly as one day ahead of time, and as far out as two years or more. There is no set rule here.

What will we need to provide?

Not much! Dave travels with a full state-of-the-art sound system which includes microphones, speakers and everything else needed for audio reinforcement. Generally, all that is needed from you will be one armless chair, two small tables/desks, access to an electrical outlet and lighting (if available) for larger concerts & auditoriums.  A flat 4-wheeled cart (“flatbed”) for hauling equipment to the performance site is always helpful if there is no direct access from an outside door.

Other questions?

Just ask!  Dave can be reached directly by email (“dave” at “”) or phone (716-998-2001)