Here’s What Educators Say About Smart Board Concerts

Smart Board concerts are a new experience for just about every school that arranges one with Dave.

virtual concert for a school assembly with dave ruch“What will it be like for my students?”  

“Will they stay engaged?”  

“How easy is it to set up?” 

Following are some first-hand reports from educators just like you who’ve tried one of Dave’s online programs.

If you’d like to hear it “straight from the horse’s mouth,” each of them has offered to communicate directly with you about their experience! Just email Dave (dave “at” for their contact information.



“We had a blast! It was entertaining and informative. The kids were engaged and one was CONVINCED YOU SAW HIM when you called out the boy in the red shirt!” – Marie Harvey, Third Grade Teacher, Kitty Stone Elementary School, Jacksonville AL



Stay in the classroom or come together as a school!

“This was the first time I have participated in an online interactive concert such as this and I was impressed with both the quality and the ease of use. The students loved the concert and were actively engaged for the full duration.” – Nicole Dittmer, Third Grade Teacher, St Marguerite Catholic School, Spruce Grove AB



“My kindergarten, first and fourth graders loved your concert today! We had a blast singing and clapping along.” – Michelle Seagull, First Grade Teacher, Assumption School, Ansonia CT



“The live concert was awesome! The ability to live chat made the kids day! When you gave a shout out to our school and my class, the kids yelled, ‘I’m famous!’ They were engaged and having a great time!” – Missy Hinspeter, Third Grade Teacher, Las Americas Aspira Academy, Newark DE



“Thanks SO much for the concert today. We LOVED singing in Nigerian, Japanese, Italian, and Russian!” – Dr. Rose Bulau, National Board Certified Teacher, Kelly Mill Elementary School, Cumming GA


concert 004 - Orrville

Students in Orrville Ohio, learning by doing!


“We really enjoyed the concert. All of the teachers who showed it in their classrooms gave positive feedback as well. The students were interacting, singing along and clapping.” – Dana Hilmoe, Kindergarten Teacher, St. Mary Catholic School, Hagerstown MD



“Thank you so much for your wonderful performance today. I think all of the elementary watched and it was AWESOME!!!” – William Weidner, Third Grade Teacher, Central Academy, Ann Arbor MI



“Students were very engaged and having a blast. We were able to start our day, enjoy the performance and then jump right back into the day without travel and limited interruption.” – Rebecca Mecikalski, Fourth Grade Teacher, Pinewood Elementary School, Rochester MN



“Great job!!! It was very cool! The kids learned a lot and were entertained the whole time.” – Julie Wiese, Fifth Grade Teacher, Shelton Public School, Shelton NE



“This was my first experience participating in an event like this. I was very pleased how interactive this was and my students were extremely engaged! I enjoyed your warmness, sense of humor, knowledge and talents.” – Bonnie Hughes, Second Grade Teacher, Sandy Searles Miller IB World School, Las Vegas NV



“My students were singing at all the appropriate times and absolutely loving every minute of it. I love the idea of a field trip without the expense of buses and lost travel time. Your comments and questions really kept their interest high throughout the performance.” – Pam Danek, Third Grade Teacher, Vestal Hills Elementary School, Vestal NY

“The concert today was amazing! It fully surpassed my expectations. I wasn’t sure how interactive it would feel, but it was great. You had the kids believing that you could see them, even though I kept telling them that you couldn’t. Your timing and delivery of responses was perfect. The kids were singing and answering when they should have and were fully participating. They were totally engaged. I would, and will, highly recommend you to any other fourth grade teachers I know.” – Diana Tucker, 4th Grade Teacher, South Kortright NY Central School

“I would absolutely recommend a concert like this to a colleague! It was such an awesome experience for the kids. The interactive portions were so great! Sometimes in a large assembly the number of students can detract from the kids’ enjoyment. I felt they enjoyed the concert more and were more engaged because we were in our classroom without the distractions of an assembly. It was great to be able to interact with you during and after your performance. The kids loved being able to ask you questions and hear your response immediately. This was a wonderful and memorable musical performance for my students. Thank you so much!” – Erin Eldridge, First Grade Teacher, Autumn Lane Elementary School, Greece NY

“Simple to access, no need to leave the classroom, uses our technology in a different educational way, and lower price than a traditional assembly. You had adults chuckling and participating as well!” – Kim Alfes, Art Teacher, Wyoming Central School, Wyoming NY

“You were wonderful and we really enjoyed this!! A great opportunity when things are so tight and we can’t bring in all of the people/assemblies that we used to.” – Merrissa Peralta, 3rd Grade Teacher, Jefferson Avenue Elementary School, Fairport NY

“The best way to state this simply, is that the kids had a wonderful time!! They were so excited to do this distance learning fun and were very insightful with their thoughts and questions.” – Sarah Morris, 2nd Grade Teacher, AA Cole Elementary School, Constantia NY

“My kids (I had 49 today) were engaged the whole time and they really thought that you could see and hear them – the timing was great. I definitely would do something like this again, providing that the set up was just as easy. I had no problem with the log on, sound, anything. The other adults in the room also commented on how terrific you were able to interact with the students.” – Jen McMann, Vocal/General Music Teacher, Cahill and Morse Elementary Schools, Saugerties NY

“We had SO MUCH FUN at your interactive concert. This is great!! I’m so looking forward to next year’s offerings. (It was great how the kids thought that you could see and hear them…like magic!)” – Kristen Fluet, K-5 General Music Teacher, Oakfield-Alabama Elementary School, Oakfield NY


No SMART Boards? Use your computer lab like these students in Staten Island NY!

“Thank you for the wonderful presentation. My students loved the idea that it was live. I thought you did a great job. I have presented via DL before with no one in the room and it is not easy. Kudos to you!!” – Lisa Wolski, Library Media Specialist, Pinehurst Elementary School, Lakeview NY

“Thanks Dave Ruch! 10! This was another great use of technology! Mainstreaming a live concert with the use of a smart board into classrooms is such a great idea. The students really enjoyed the concert and being able to participate with you!” – Shannon Porter, Kindergarten Teacher, Autumn Lane Elementary School, Greece NY

“I LOVED your program!” – Laurie Ouderkirk, Distance Learning Coordinator, Oswego County BOCES, Mexico NY

“What a great integration of curriculum. The kids were totally engaged. Even though they knew you could not see or hear them, they still wanted to believe you could and participated as if you could (you were like Santa to an 11 year old). We would do it again in a snap.” – Judy Conner, 3rd Grade Teacher, Maple Avenue Elementary School, Niagara Falls NY

“THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THIS FUN EXPERIENCE!” – Melissa Schmidt, Kindergarten Teacher, Vestal Hills Elementary School, Vestal NY

“I just wish it had lasted longer! That 45 minutes flew by, and the kids got so excited when you played and sang the encore song!” – Paula Finch, First Grade Teacher, Vestal Hills Elementary School, Vestal NY

“The students loved participating and really felt like they were a part of the program. They actually thought that you could see them and hear them at times due to the interaction and responses they were giving out loud. It was a wonderful program.” – Janell Cartonia, Fourth Grade Teacher, Waterfront Elementary School #95, Buffalo NY

“I knew you were wonderful, but I wasn’t sure how it would be without you here, you know? It’s always great to have you here, but honestly the kids were just as enthralled with the virtual concert. Technically it was super easy to set up, and we all sang, clapped, and chuckled along through the whole thing. Thanks again!” – Mary Beth Russo, Fourth Grade Teacher, Willard Prior Elementary School, Oneida NY

“It was awesome! Clone it!” – Anne Steger, Third Grade Teacher, Jefferson Avenue School, Fairport NY

“I was so excited when I walked the building and saw so many classrooms participating! And all ages were mesmerized. Do more!” – Judith Wilson, Principal, Public School 3, Staten Island NY


“FABULOUS! I will definitely recommend this to every teacher I know!” – Lauren Collier, Fifth Grade Teacher, Parkway School, Boone NC

“Our kindergarteners loved it! They had so many questions that I was overwhelmed. Would love to have the other grades involved in the future.” – Jennifer Coursey, Media Coordinator, Morton Elementary School, Jacksonville NC

“My students were engaged the whole time! We loved how interactive your concert was! I would love to do it again!” – Christina Price, Third Grade Teacher, Hunters Creek Elementary School, Jacksonville NC



“That was wonderful. The kiddos loved it. I had about 45 students in my class clapping with the song. Guessing the instruments. They kept asking if you could see and hear them. I’m a music buff with lots of experience with children’s music. We will be back for the next concert.” – Teri Kelly, Second Grade Teacher, McVay Elementary School, Williston ND



Dave Ruch, school assemblies performer with fourth graders

Core curriculum + interactive music = differentiated instruction!

“Thank you for a great concert! My students loved it and were singing along the whole time!” – Bev Evans, Primary Teacher, St Benedict School, Orangeville ON

“Just wanted to let you know that our students really enjoyed your online concert last week. They were sure you could see them!” – Elizabeth Stennett, Special Education/Music Teacher, Brookside Public School, Lucknow ON

“The concert was a 9 out of 10 . . . It was terrific. The students absolutely loved it.” – D Macaulay, Grades 5/6 Teacher, Brookside Public School, Lucknow ON



“Our students LOVED it! We are a high poverty school and most of these kids have never been to a live performance except at school. They especially liked having their questions answered and their names read. PLEASE continue to do that. It makes them feel special.” – Michelle Avila, Fourth Grade Teacher, Washington Elementary, Woodburn OR



“We had a fantastic time! I had a group of fifth graders….though they are older, they had a great time. We had a wide range of kids from learning support to gifted students participating. One of the young ladies asked if you could really hear us, so the timing was on point. We would definitely do this again! We were singing and laughing the whole time. :)” – Kimberley B. McBryar, M Ed, Fifth Grade Teacher, Dassa McKinney Elementary School, West Sunbury PA

“Fabulous….this is a great format for us. It is easy as far as control of the situation is concerned and little time wasted (not having to move to another area and wait to be seated). We have more control as to classroom management. My kids thoroughly enjoyed the participation and, believe me, they were participating wholeheartedly and right on cue. We would love to do this again.” – Christine Bedford, Second Grade Teacher, Northeast Bradford Elementary School, Rome PA



“Wow! Your concert was fantastic! My curriculum manager viewed it as well and thought it was outstanding.” – April Enochs, Sterling Ed, San Antonio TX



“Thanks for the great performance! We loved it!” – Kathy Barrett-Helgeson, Third Grade Teacher, Mindoro Elementary School, Mindoro WI

“That was an incredible program. You exposed my kiddos to all new info. THANK YOU!!!!!” – Meghan McCabe, Second/Third Grade Teacher, Vesper Community Academy, Vesper WI



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