“A Mule Named Sal”: Music of the Erie Canal

“A Mule Named Sal”: Music of the Erie Canal

Dave Ruch live performance

Sponsored by the New York Council for the Humanities’ “Public Scholars” program.

Dave Ruch has spent the last fifteen years searching for Erie Canal music beyond the grade-school favorite “Low Bridge, Everybody Down,” and among other things, discovered that America’s favorite Erie Canal song was never sung on the canal! In this lecture/presentation, Ruch explores music from canal diggers, barge workers, immigrants, lake sailors, mule drivers, canal boat captains, and yes, professional songwriters who all contributed to the musical and cultural life surrounding the canal.

Along with some live music on banjo, bones, spoons, washboard, jaw harp, mandolin and more, Ruch presents a highly engaging and interactive program of history, stories, vintage recordings and anecdotes about life on “Clinton’s Ditch” and the importance of the Erie Canal to the growth of New York City and the nation.


Date: April 9, 2016
Time: 1:00pm

Cost: Free and open to the public


Erie Canal Museum, 318 Erie Blvd E, Syracuse, NY 13202

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