Music of the Catskills and New York State

Music of the Catskills and New York State

Folk music of new york state

This will be fun!

When we think of old-time music handed down from generation to generation, we might think of places like Kentucky, or North Carolina, or the Ozark Mountains….did you know we’ve got it right here in the Empire State, too?

For this special concert, I will be presenting and telling the stories behind the songs of real-life “Yorkers” from days gone by – – farmers, lumbermen, children, housewives, lake sailors, canallers and more – – collected through considerable research and interpreted for all to enjoy with mandolin, banjo, guitar, jaw harp, bones, spoons and more.


Date: September 27, 2019
Time: 7pm

Cost: Free


Athens Cultural Center, Athens NY

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