Summer Reading Concert

Summer Reading Concert

I’ll be performing the “One World, Many Stories” concert for all ages at this free event.

Here’s a description of the concert…

With guitar, Indian tabla drum, European octave mandolin, and an exotic “pocket instrument” with global roots, Dave Ruch leads the audience on a fun-filled musical journey across the world.

Children become active participants in the program as they sing along (in English, Nigerian, Italian, Japanese, and Russian!), answer questions, play musical games and act out songs. Some audience members will even be invited “on stage” to help the performer, and all will have a chance to touch and play one of the instruments after the concert.

Topics covered include the unique ways in which people around the world live (past and present), and perhaps most importantly, the many similarities that we all share.  Dave also talks about his own eye-opening trips to India and the Middle East.


Date: July 17, 2019
Time: 2:15pm

Cost: Free!


Dutton Peterson Memorial Library, Odessa NY

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