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SOLD OUT: Colonial America: Music From The 13 Colonies

  • This is a LIVE event
  • February 13, 2020, 1:30pm Eastern Time
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THIS SHOW IS NOW SOLD OUT. VISIT THE VIDEO PAGE TO ORDER A REPLAY VIDEO FOR THE CLASSROOM Sing authentic songs in Dutch, Iroquois, and English . . . try your hand at an ancient musical activity from the southern plantations . . . puzzle over some tuneful brain teasers on colonial trades (24 of them!) . . . laugh, move, respond, and learn as we explore life in the 13 original British colonies and New Netherland.

Complementing the elementary and middle school ELA/SS curricula, this school assembly program takes students well beyond Yankee Doodle to discover colonial life through some great hidden music and fascinating stories.

Fully interactive, for grades 3-8!

Cost: $149 per school (SOLD OUT)

What is an Online Concert?

“The students loved participating and really felt like they were a part of the program. They actually thought that you could see them and hear them at times due to the interaction and responses they were giving out loud. It was a wonderful program.”

Janell Cartonia, Fourth Grade Teacher, Waterfront Elementary School #95, Buffalo NY

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