Immigration to America – SOLD OUT

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  • March 17, 2016, 10am Eastern Time
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ellis island


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Taking a broad view of immigration to America, this program features interactive songs and stories of many different groups that have arrived here over the past 1000+ years, along with some fascinating musical instruments they brought with them.

Themes touched upon include why people have always immigrated to America, what they expected to find, how they got here and where they are now.

General program outline

  • Beginning with a captivating Native American song with call and response singing
  • Working chronologically from there, the program features interactive songs from the American colonists, enslaved Africans, Irish, Norwegian and Scottish immigrants who came through Castle Garden and later Ellis Island
  • Students sing, laugh, create, wonder, respond, play a game, and engage throughout
  • Students are introduced to a Native American water drum, European jaw harp, African banjo and body percussion (“hambone”), octave mandolin, and more.

We had a blast! It was entertaining and informative”

Marie Harvey, Teacher, Kitty Stone Elementary, Jacksonville AL

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