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  • May 22, 2017, 9:30am Eastern Time
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Erie Canal songs and stories for 4th grade With his guitar, banjo, jaw harp, bones, spoons, washboard and more, Dave leads students on a fun-filled interactive musical journey to discover the greatest engineering achievement of the early 19th century – the world famous Erie Canal.

Students become active participants in their own learning as they sing along, act out songs, respond to questions and ask some of their own. Topics covered include important dates and facts about the building of the canal, how it was used, it’s connection to the growth of New York City and America, shipping on the Great Lakes and more.

Program outline:

  1. The program starts with the iconic song “Low Bridge Everybody Down” as a participatory song
  2. Discussion of important facts and dates about the canal
  3. An interactive song about an Irish immigrant’s experience on the canal with questions embedded within the text
  4. Demonstration of canal-era homemade and “pocket” instruments, with instructions and inspiration for doing some of this at home
  5. Tall tales on the canal are embedded within a song where students judge fact from fiction (with their hands, faces and mouths!)
  6. Q&A

Cost: $125 per school (unlimited classrooms/connections)

What’s an Online Concert?

It’s always great to have you here, but honestly the kids were just as enthralled with the virtual concert. It was obvious you know your material and you know kids.

Mary Beth Russo, Grade 4 Teacher, Willard Prior Elementary School, Oneida NY

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