DeadRoots: A Special Show

DeadRoots: A Special Show

The Jug Band, Blues, Folk and Appalachian Music that Inspired the Grateful Dead

To present a show on the musical roots of the Grateful Dead is to bring together two complementary audiences for a warm evening of American roots music and stories.

“DeadRoots” introduces dyed-in-the-wool Grateful Dead fans to the American folk tradition and some of its most important practitioners…

  • old-time string bands
  • rural and urban blues men & women
  • jug bands
  • folk singers
  • ancient ballads
  • bluegrass musicians

…while providing a new entry point for general music lovers to discover the world of the Grateful Dead.

“Geez, I didn’t even think I liked Grateful Dead music”

“I absolutely loved hearing the history behind these songs”

Roots of the Grateful Dead concert posterRight from the beginning, it was American folk and blues music that was the bedrock of the Grateful Dead’s repertoire.

And many classic “Dead songs” are simply their versions – or retellings – of older, vernacular music.

“DeadRoots” is guaranteed to bring some new music fans into your venue and leave them thoroughly entertained through Dave’s effortless combination of stellar musicianship, singing, masterful storytelling and humor.

Deeply researched and brimming with great music and stories, DeadRoots can be booked as a single 45-60 minute show, or a full two-set evening with intermission.

“Mighty. The audience loved it.”

-Mick Moloney, National Heritage Award-Winning Musician, Folklorist and Author

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