The Native Americans of New York State

Video: The Native Americans of New York State

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With his guitar and some traditional Iroquois instruments, Dave leads students on a fun-filled musical journey into northeastern woodlands history.

Students become active participants in their own learning as they sing along (in English and Iroquois!), answer questions and act out songs.

Topics covered include the Haudenosaunee’s (Iroquois’) use of their surroundings to meet their basic needs for food, clothing and shelter, and the forced relocation to the reservations. This program also features Dave’s enduring fourth grade hit song, “The Three Sisters.”

Grades K-8, 40 minutes

Cost: $149 per school (you pick start date, unlimited plays in every classroom and home for five school days)

“Thanks so much! I loved how the children were able to interact with the songs and questions. It was also great how the songs and information in the video connected to the content the children are learning in class.”

— Dina Pawlyk, 4th grade teacher, Evans Park School, Pearl River NY

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