Do This Right Now (#1)

Today we kick off a new series of short, actionable posts called “Do This Right Now.”

You can expect one quick tip that will make a difference for you with each of these articles.

do this right now - dave ruch

Fix Your Website’s Title Tags!

Want more people to find your website?

(Who doesn’t?)

Make this one simple change and over time you will see more visitors, guaranteed.

What is a Title Tag?

The title tag is the text that appears in the “tab” when someone visits a page on your website.

How to get more website visitors for musicians

It also serves as the title of that page when it appears in a Google (or Bing, or Yahoo) search result, as shown below:

more website visitors for artists - dave ruch

Most importantly, the title tag tells the search engines what your page is about.

The good news is that you (or your web person) are in full control of your title tags, and because they’re so easy to modify . . .

You Can (and Should) Change Them!


Well, chances are your title tags are set up like the one above.

Let’s look at it – – Music | Patchouli Music will work fine if someone is searching for “Patchouli’s music” or “Buy Patchouli CD.”

But most people online have never heard of Patchouli (or me, or you). What about all those people?

New people are never going to discover our websites with title tags like this, even if they’d love (and pay money for) what we do.

What Should The Title Tags Say?

Change the title tag of each page on your site to a term or series of words that someone would actually be searching for who has no idea who you are.

Got a page selling your blues CDs?

How about “Music like John Lee Hooker | by Tom Jackson (or whatever your name is)”

Calendar page with your live storytelling appearance dates?

Something like “Storytelling events in Detroit with Susie Smith” is 100x better than “Calendar | Susie Smith”

How about your page for clients listing your different formats and programs?

My page for schools uses the title tag “School Assemblies in NY, PA, OH, MI, MA and Canada – Dave Ruch” because I want brand-new people to find me when they’re searching for a school assembly program in their state.

And because my own name is also in there (at the end, not the beginning – important!), anyone searching directly for me will also find this page.

Do This Right Now

  1. Visit each page on your website and take a look at the title tag in the “tab” (as in the image above)
  2. Change each title tag to something you’d want to be discovered for, listing your name (only if room) at the end
  3. Comment below if you don’t know how to change your title tags – it’s really simple!

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