More Engagement on Facebook (Right Now!)

We haven’t talked specifically about Facebook yet this year, and the landscape has continued to evolve.

So, I’ve got one big piece of advice today for those who are using FB as part of their promotion and/or networking.

And that is . . .

Facebook Video for Musicians 2017 - Dave Ruch

Use Video!

Right now, video is red hot on Facebook, and posting in video form will get you far more reach than a text- or image-based post.

See, FB has accumulated a ton of data on the types of content their users most like to interact with.

(And, the content that keeps us on their platform…).

And right now, in 2017, that’s video.

In fact, over 4 billion video views happen each day on the platform!

What does that mean for us?

Well, as we’ve noted elsewhere, it’s become much harder in recent years to cut through the clutter and get our messages seen and heard on social media.

If Facebook is prioritizing video, that means our video posts – – and specifically, our live and directly-uploaded video posts – – will be seen, consumed, and shared by more people.

Here’s How it Breaks Down

Video engagement on facebook 2017

For The Biggest Bang: Use Live Video

Pull out your smartphone (or use the webcam built into your computer) and “go live” on your Facebook page.

This could be at a gig, or in your pajama bottoms at home – it all depends on what kind of content you want to put out there.

A few ideas:

  • Do a live Q&A from your living room
  • Tell an interesting story about some of your material
  • Film some “behind the scenes” stuff on your way to a gig, or before you perform
  • Broadcast a live gig
  • Even if you have a text-based post, make a video about it and include the text in the body of the post

We’re in a bit of a golden moment right now for live video on Facebook, as they really want to see wide adoption of this feature.

For that reason, they are pushing it. This won’t last forever, so take advantage of it now.

When you’re ready, just pull out your phone and hit “Live” from your personal profile:

Or “Live Video” from your official Page:

BONUS TIP: Once you’ve done a Facebook Live video, you will continue to get engagement from it as the replay appears in the newsfeeds of your friends and followers.

Here’s a very comprehensive article if you’d like to explore Facebook Live further.

Next Best Case: Directly Uploaded Video

If you have a pre-existing video you’d like to post to Facebook, upload it directly (“natively”) onto the platform rather than sharing a link to that same video from YouTube, Vimeo, or elsewhere.

Native video on Facebook gets more reach, more interaction, and up to 10x the number of shares.

Facebook explains several benefits to posting native video in an informative article on Facebook video best practices.

Don’t Do This: YouTube Video Links on FB

Whatever you do, don’t post a link to a YouTube video.


Because YouTube = Google.

And Facebook ≠ Google. (In fact, they are longtime rivals in direct competition for eyeballs and ad revenue.)

Facebook wants to keep you on Facebook, plain and simple. Posting a YouTube video takes people OFF of Facebook.

Keep your stuff on FB and they will reward you with more eyeballs.

A Few More Resources

Here are a few more articles to explore.

I’d love to hear from you in the “Comments” section below – have you been using video on Facebook? What have your results been?

Facebook Live (from Facebook)

Facebook Live for Musicians (Hypebot article)

5 Tips for Better Facebook Live Broadcasts (from Social Media Examiner)

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7 Responses to More Engagement on Facebook (Right Now!)

  1. Isabelle

    I tried it out one time posting live video on Facebook I had got great response it was one that guy he was a pastor used to promote honest he was like oh my God I got to let my friend hear you you can sing then other folks if they enjoyed it and I didn’t do anything else but I am trying to gsaet some praise and worship gigs open it up for local artists to professional artist yeah I like the information you’re giving the tips of real great I thought about it today doing a post with on my page and Facebook for churches that may need a praise and worship leader just someone to help but I’m going to be confiscated though I need to make some money real bad as well as getting myself out there thank you so much God bless you will be talking

  2. Tom Smith

    Thanks Dave. Useful info. Just commenting that although I have not read the user agreements in detail, I am told that you have to be willing to live with Facebook’s tighter fist on the video you post (with respect to ownership and difficulty sharing outside of Facebook). For this reason, I prefer to keep my creative efforts on Youtube, but can see a great benefit for FB live and FB upload for streaming concerts, interviews and quick marketing/advertising communications.

    • Dave Ruch

      Thanks Tom, that might well be true. Best case scenario? Everything should be on YouTube to aid in discovery and give you a good way to share via email, on your website, and on other channels. Then, when it comes to sharing the same video on FB, upload it directly.

  3. Amy Conley

    Thank you Dave!
    So no youtube, eh? Then what are the other options? Sometimes i see people posting using a Vimeo video.

    • Dave Ruch

      Hi Amy – you can certainly post a YouTube or Vimeo video in a pinch, but you just won’t get near as much engagement as if you uploaded the video directly to FB.

  4. Lacy M

    Great post, Dave!

    Have you written about allocating $$$ towards different avenues of social media and google advertising? Would love to here your thoughts on this.

    • Dave Ruch

      Thanks Lacy, and the answer is “yes” and “no.” I did write an article on paid Facebook ads, and I think a future article on google adwords vs paid social would be a great idea. I do have some experience with Adwords and some thoughts on when to use which. Thanks for the suggestion.

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