Get More Video Views on Facebook (Right Now!)

Here’s a REALLY quick tip to dramatically improve your video views on Facebook….

Facebook Video for Musicians 2017 - Dave Ruch


Don’t Do This…

Whatever you do, don’t post a link to a YouTube video on Facebook.


Because YouTube is owned by Google.

And Facebook and Google are long-time rivals in direct competition for eyeballs and ad revenue.

Facebook wants to keep you on Facebook, plain and simple.

Posting a YouTube video takes people OFF of Facebook and puts them on a competitor’s platform, so YouTube links just don’t get a lot of traction on Facebook.

Do This Instead…

Take your video file (the same one you uploaded to YouTube) and upload it directly to Facebook as a new post.

That’s it!

You can expect to see lots more views – several times more, usually – than you would see on a YouTube link posted to Facebook.

Again, Facebook is all about keeping people on Facebook. When you upload a video directly to their platform, the Facebook algorithm rewards you with extra reach, views and engagement.

Don’t Believe Me?

Try it!

In fact, go back on your FB timeline a year or more to a YouTube link that you previously posted, and upload the video file directly to FB as a new post today.

Now, wait a few days and check the “views” count on your native FB post, comparing it to what you usually get when posting a YouTube link.

Let us know (in the “Comments” section below) what happens…

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