12 Quick Marketing Tips for Performing Artists

Sometimes it’s good to just cut to the chase.

For your skimming pleasure today, I present twelve short and sweet takeaways from the first twelve articles on the Educate and Entertain blog.

Links to each article are provided if you’d like to explore any of these topics in greater detail.

Diving Right In…

Here are twelve key marketing tips from the first twelve articles:

#1. If you need to be earning more from your performances, stop working so cheap!

(read “Do You Work Too Cheap?”)

#2. Your email list is your most valuable asset for getting the kinds of gigs you can live on.

(read “Marketing 101 for Performers”)

#3. There’s a wonderful world of great paying gigs out there in – of all places – schools. Go get ’em!

(read “How to Get Gigs in Schools”)

#4. Use your non-gigging time to generate more work.

(read “What Do You Do When You’re NOT Performing?”)

#5. Google Alerts can help you do a bunch of things really well. For free.

(read “5 Ways Artists can use Google Alerts”)

#6. Doubling your geography will double your income, and so on.

(read “The Regional Performer: How Far Will You Go?”)

#7. Library gigs can be great if you like listening audiences and guaranteed paychecks.

(read “How to Get Gigs in Libraries”)

#8. Audiences love to learn something while they’re being entertained, and there’s a great living to be made doing that.

(read “Educate Your Audience and Write Your Ticket”)

#9. Potential clients like to be reassured that others have decided on – and been delighted with – you. Make this easy for them on your website.

(read “Artist Website Fix #1: Social Proof “)

#10. Live streaming is here to stay and you can use it to extend your reach and increase your bookings.

(read “How to Perform for 27,000 Kids (from your basement)”)

#11. Relying on social media as your only promotional channel is a mistake.

(read “Social Media ≠ Great Promotion”)

#12. We need to stop talking about ourselves and start communicating the benefits of what we do.

(read “Want Better Gigs? It’s Not About You”)

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