Do This Right Now (#3)

In the first installment of “Do This Right Now,” we started attracting more visitors to your website by changing title tags.

Do This Right Now #2 was all about moving your “Spam” folders where you can regularly check them. (There can be gold there.)

Today, this one simple change is going to improve your marketing, guaranteed…

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Move Your Best Quote Where Everyone Will See It!

I’m talking about the single most powerful thing anyone with “clout” has ever said about your work.

Is that quote prominently placed on your website, your videos, and any other promotional materials you have?

Heck, even your business card?

Here’s the Thing

Chances are you’re hiding this powerful piece of social proof on a “Testimonials” or “What They’re Saying” page, or worse yet…

. . . you’re not using it at all!

People Need Reassurance

Ever looked at Amazon reviews before making a purchase?

Of course. We all do.

Third party endorsements are worth many times anything we can say about ourselves.

So put yours front and center.

Do This Right Now

  1. Identify the best, most powerful quote you have from someone who’s booked you to perform, or bought your recordings, or whatever you’d like to encourage more of. (Don’t have one yet? ASK! More on that here.)
  2. Place it front and center on your promo materials where everyone will see it. You want them to literally bump into it without having to look for it somewhere else. (They won’t look somewhere else.)

Maybe we’re too shy….maybe we don’t like promoting ourselves…maybe we’re just too busy or haven’t thought about it.

I encourage you to override all of that and make this simple change right now.

(You can and should use more than one quote in strategic places within your materials, but for now, start with this one.)

You’ll be ahead of 66% of the artist websites I’ve looked at.

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9 Responses to Do This Right Now (#3)

  1. Your post about endorsements and reviews was spot on. They are not used enough. known as IAs little kbe found nown as we are at the
    times my comments can be found on Carlene Carters and Roseann Cash and Scott Adams sites;
    We writers never mind seeing ourselves in print too!

  2. Thank you Dave!
    It was a pleasure meeting you at TradMaD music camp! Not enough time, but a great week! Your website is wonderful and I look forward to more of your great advice in the future.

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