Teachers Are Feeling Overwhelmed…

Today’s educators would love for their students to be getting more arts – I haven’t met a teacher yet who doesn’t beam with delight to see all of their learners fully engaged.

The problem is that they’re under way too much pressure right now, and simply don’t have the time to make this happen.

Differentiating the instruction never felt so necessary, and yet so hard to achieve with all of the other responsibilities heaped on the educator’s plate.

That’s where online concerts and interactive videos come in.

Your students will love these concerts and videos, and you will too!

  • No Buses
  • No Lost Classroom Time
  • Simple Access
  • Interactive & Engaging
  • Curriculum Based
  • Reach All Learning Styles
  • Super Affordable!

“I love the idea of a field trip without the expense of buses and lost travel time”

Pam Danek, Third Grade Teacher, Vestal Hills Elementary School, Vestal NY

Arts in Education Videos and Online Concerts

Dave Ruch is a leader in the field of online cultural arts programming for preK-12 students, and founder of the “Largest Online Gathering of K-5 Classrooms (ever!)” event.

Students stay right in their individual classrooms for these live or pre-recorded online presentations, or gather together in a common area with a larger screen if preferred, and they’re continuously involved in the program – moving, singing, laughing, and learning.

Invite one grade level, or the whole school!

Dave can’t see or hear you, but students may not believe you if you tell them.

Program Reviews

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As seen at the EdTechNJ Conference, Texas Distance Learning Association Annual Conference, NYSCATE Hudson Valley Conference, English Language Arts Network of Ontario and more.


Largest Online Singalong event 2016