The $149 School Assembly

No budget for assemblies, field trips and visiting artists these days?

You are not alone. But then, this isn’t a new situation either. In the twenty-plus years I’ve been working in schools as a teaching artist and assembly provider, I’ve heard about deep cuts and slashed programs every single year.

Imagine twenty straight years of arts cuts!

Meaningful Arts-Based Learning for StudentsNo time for assemblies, field trips and visiting artists these days?

Now, this seems to be the issue of the day, and the reasons are both totally understandable (with the perfect storm of new Common Core Learning Standards, increasingly high-stakes testing, teacher evaluations tied to those tests, etc) and a bit maddening (see Dr Jennifer Skopecek’s fantastic letter here.)

Teachers Are Pressed For Time

Unfortunately for us all, and especially for the students, enrichment programs lacking a direct connection to the core curriculum have been sliding out of favor for the past few decades, at least.

But now, it’s becoming harder for teachers to justify any trip, event or performance.

Field trip budgets have been eliminated, busing is expensive, and even bringing students down to the cafetorium for school assemblies takes up valuable instruction time, and yet, we all recognize the power of the arts in educating the whole child.

This leaves us all scrambling for affordable school assembly ideas that minimize any disruption to instruction time.

School Assembly Ideas: A New Way Forward

So, what if you could arrange a dynamic, curriculum-based experience for your students that involves:

  • no lost classroom time
  • no marching down to the auditorium
  • no buses
  • no strangers in your building

“We were able to start our day, enjoy the performance and then jump right back into the day without travel and limited interruption”
– Rebecca Mecikalski, Fourth Grade Teacher, Pinewood Elementary School, Rochester MN

The artist/educator comes right to your classroom over your SMART Board or any other internet-connected screen.

It’s a live event, it’s super interactive, and the students don’t want it to end.

And what if the presenter was able to seamlessly connect your curriculum – – the important work you’re already doing every day – – with this interactive arts experience in a way that completely engaged not only your more, well, engaged students, but also your most reluctant learners?

You know, the ones you really struggle to reach every day.

Sounds pretty fantastic, right?  But now I guess we’re now back to the money issue.

Keeping Expenses Down

How much does/did your district pay for a typical school assembly program or field trip?

$300?  $500?  $1500?  More?

How does $149 sound?

That fits so much better in today’s climate, doesn’t it?  Between parents groups, fundraising events, and general school funds (not to mention arts and distance learning grants, district-level Title funds, community and corporate grants, and the like), this seems very doable today.

“We are a high poverty school and most of these kids have never been to a live performance except at school. PLEASE continue to do this”
– Michelle Avila, Fourth Grade Teacher, Washington Elementary, Woodburn OR

virtual concert for a school assembly with dave ruch
I’ve had tremendous feedback from teachers, administrators and students since launching these virtual field trips for elementary students, middle schools and more in 2014, and I’m happy to share this exciting new format with any and all.

“I was so excited when I walked the building and saw so many classrooms participating! And all ages were mesmerized. Do more!”
– Judith Wilson, Principal, Public School 3, Staten Island NY

And, I’m keeping the price at just $149 for the foreseeable future, because I see first-hand how tight things are right now for educators.

Booking and Scheduling

The schedule for live events is always up to date right here, and I’m most happy to answer any questions on how it all works.

Replay videos are also available on demand – use them on your schedule! You’ll find all the options here.

smartboard concertI’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

“FABULOUS! I will definitely recommend this to every teacher I know!”
– Lauren Collier, Fifth Grade Teacher, Parkway School, Boone NC

“The live concert was awesome! The ability to live chat made the kids day! When you gave a shout out to our school and my class, the kids yelled, ‘I’m famous!’ They were engaged and having a great time!”
– Missy Hinspeter, Third Grade Teacher, Las Americas Aspira Academy, Newark DE

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5 Responses to The $149 School Assembly

  1. HI,

    I’m the PTA Assembly Chair for Sharon Elementary School. I book all the school assemblies and we are looking into virtual assemblies for the 2020-2021 school year.

    Please send me information including details about what your performance entails, how you engage students PreK-4th grade, testimonies from others, cost and scheduling information.

    Thank you!

  2. Would you be able to send me information including details about what your performance entails, , cost, and scheduling information.

    Thank you!

  3. Hi!
    I am a teacher at a K-2 school in Ripon, WI. We are scheduling virtual presentations for the 2017-8 school year.

    Please send me information including details about what your performance entails, testimonies from others, cost and scheduling information.

    Thank you!

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