More Gigs in 2021: A Challenge for Subscribers

Dear “Educate and Entertain” reader,

Yes, 202o was quite a bust for most of us, and the beginning of 2021 doesn’t look a whole lot different.

But the return to live performances and meaningful work IS on the horizon, and right now is the perfect time to get yourself all set up for success.

If you’re looking to do more of the kind of gig that you like the most, where you feel the most appreciated and earn a great wage in the process, I have an easy but powerful challenge for you…

how to get gigs as a musicianMore Good Gigs in 2021

We’ve got 361 days remaining in 2021 if you’re reading this on the day it was emailed to subscribers.

(Not subscribed yet? Just click here and we’ll take care of that.)

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to add two people to your contact list every day this year.

Just two.


– By “people,” I mean booking contacts at places you’d like to perform

– Some days, you won’t have time to do this, so call it fourteen per week if that helps

– This will take some research, but just a little. (Where do you want to perform? Who is the decision maker there?)

– It will also take a bit of discipline for the first few weeks, until it just becomes habit (you might even end up enjoying the “hunt!”)

– I’d recommend finding the person’s name and email address online, reaching out with an initial email tailored to that particular venue, and then adding that person to your permanent email contact list for periodic follow up.

It’s Magic

By the end of this year, you’ll have your own database of over 700 fresh contacts who book artists at the exact venues you’d like to perform at.

And by the end of next year, it’ll be 1400+.

And so on.

This database is your single most valuable asset in maintaining a strong career as an independent performing artist.

Start today!

Questions? Are You In?

Let’s talk about it in the “Comments” section below.

Fingers crossed for a gradual return to normalcy (and gigs) in 2021!

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