12 Business Boosters for Musicians and Artists

It’s time for another roundup!

Following are twelve short and sweet takeaways from the twelve most recent articles on the Educate and Entertain blog.

Links to each article are provided if you’d like to explore any of these topics in greater detail.

Business boosters for storytellers, jugglers, performing artistsLet’s Go…

Here are twelve key business-boosting tips from the most recent twelve articles:

#1. Musicians need work, and teachers need musicians – there’s great opportunity here.

(read “Songwriting in Schools: The Teachers Need You [and you could use the income]”)

#2. Musicians are making from $250/day to $2,000/day writing songs with kids in schools. And they’re offering free advice.

(read “Songwriting in Schools Part II: Make Money, Be Home for Dinner”)

#3. Marketing yourself based on what you do rather than the instrument you play (or the artform you practice) can open lots of new doors.

(read “Question from a Subscriber: Gigs and Stereotypes”)

#4. If you don’t want to reinvent the wheel, feel free to steal my live performance contract.

(read “Live Performance Contracts: What to Include and When to Use Them”)

#5. Themed shows get booked. Period.

(read “Themed Shows Get Booked”)

#6. Not checking your spam folder is just one of 13 sure-fire ways to NOT get booked.

(read “How NOT to Get Bookings: The Performing Artist’s Guide”)

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#7. You can find out exactly who’s been awarded funding to put on events in your area, and then make sure they know all about you.

(read “Getting Good Paying Gigs: A Powerful Technique”)

#8. Take something you love (cars? sewing? animals?) and combine it with your artform to get lots of new gig opportunities.

(read “Right Under Your Nose: A New Gig Opportunity”)

#9. If you want to be thought of as “exceptional” rather than “cheap,” price yourself accordingly.

(read “Do You Want to be Cheap or Extraordinary?”)

#10. Want great testimonials for your website and marketing materials? Ask for them in your “thank you” letter.

(read “5 Reasons to Send a Thank You Letter After Every Gig”)

#11. Your website is probably losing you gigs.

(read “Website Best Practices for Musicians and Performing Artists”)

#12. Interested in live streaming a performance from home? Grab my free list of (inexpensive) equipment along with loads of tips here.

(read “Performing Online: A New Income Stream [or Two]”)

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