5 Podcasts You Might Want to Check Out

Do you listen to podcasts? Every year, a greater percentage of us do.

I fill my long drive times with them, and there are several that help me stay sharp with the business end of being an independent artist.

If you’re responsible for “marketing” yourself, here are five podcasts that might be really helpful for you…

Podcasts for Independent Artists - Dave Ruch

Podcasts to Help With Your Marketing

for musicians, storytellers, and everyone else…

#1. Agents of Change

This would be a great one to start with if you’re new to marketing podcasts.

advice for musicians - dave ruchHost Rich Brooks has a very accessible style, and likes to frame the conversations with his guests around the needs of the small business owner.

(Newsflash – as independent artists, WE are small business owners.)

The show covers what’s working right now in social media marketing along with occasional forays into search engine marketing, mobile marketing and more.

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#2. Social Media Marketing Podcast

This long-running show is probably more relevant to my needs, more of the time, than any of the others.

Topics include best practices for marketing yourself on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

Mike Stelzner is a good interviewer who always brings the insights of his guests back around to discover the “takeaway” that every listener can use in their own marketing.

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#3. Building a StoryBrand

Donald Miller is the affable host of this insightful podcast on personal branding, marketing and storytelling.

He’s all about clarifying your message:

  • what do you do differently from everyone else?
  • what benefit is that to your end “user?”
  • how can you get all of that across in your marketing as simply as possible?

His main mantra seems to be “if you confuse, you lose.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Podcasts for musicians - dave ruchRecent episodes include “8 Magic Phrases That Will Make You Money,” “How to Crush That Upcoming Presentation,” “5 Rules That Will Help You Attract Loyal Customers.”

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#4. Online Marketing Made Easy

I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of the host of this one, Amy Porterfield. I find her “genuineness” to be a bit exaggerated and artificial.

Grating sometimes, even.


She offers lots of useful strategies from her own experiences as an advanced online marketer, and she breaks things down into really clear, simple steps.

Particular areas of interest are paid Facebook advertising, email list building, and using webinars to sell products and services.

GET IT:  Online Marketing Made Easy

#5. DIY Musician Podcast

If you’ve pursued digital distribution for your recordings at any point (i.e. getting your stuff on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, etc), chances are you used CD Baby to do that.

As an online music store and digital distribution hub, they sit in a unique position overseeing a wide landscape of activity on the independent artist front.

Chris Robley and Kevin Breuner from CD Baby are the hosts of this gem of a podcast for the independent musician.

(Lots of value here for storytellers and other performing artists too…).

The podcast does things like:

  • break down successful strategies from independent artists like you and me
  • replay valuable sessions from their annual conference
  • discuss the latest trends and opportunities for the business side of music

Highly recommended.

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Why Not?

It’s like sitting down and receiving expert advice from a marketing consultant.

Except it’s free.

You don’t have to take your sweats off or travel downtown to receive it, and you can access the content whenever it fits best with your schedule.

Podcasts like these turn dead time into productive time.

Why wouldn’t we all take advantage of them?

Got a podcast to recommend? Let me know some of your favorites in the “Comments” section below. 

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  1. Hey Dave,

    I have zero social media presence.

    Which social media platform is best to try to make a splash in?

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