12 More Marketing Tips for Performing Artists

It’s time for another roundup!

Following are twelve short and sweet takeaways from the most recent articles on the Educate and Entertain blog.

Links to each article are provided if you’d like to explore any of these topics in greater detail.

marketing for musicians and storytellers

(If you missed the first roundup, you can find those marketing tips here.)

Let’s Go…

Here are twelve key marketing tips from the most recent twelve articles:

#1. Google Analytics can tell you which social media channels are working, who’s visiting your website, and a whole lot more. For free.

(read “Artist Website Fix #2: Using Analytics”)

#2. If your gigs don’t pay very well, go where the money is.

(read “How to Get Gigs: Questions from Performers”)

#3. When you decide what you need to be earning, your work and career will change for the better.

(read “How Much Should I Charge? 3 Pricing Strategies for Performers”)

#4. 2% of sales happen after the first contact, and 80% happen after the fifth contact. Let that sink in.

(read “No Reply: Why Don’t Venues Get Back to Me?”)

#5. Creating your own stream of notices on grant funding, showcases, media opportunities, and gig possibilities is smart business.

(read “What’s in Your Inbox?”)

#6. “Join our email list” sucks. Give your website visitor a compelling reason to subscribe and you’ll double (or more) your signups.

(read “Artist Website Fix #3: Quick Wins and Easy Tweaks”)

#7. Your arts council exists (in part) to help you with grant funding, gig referrals, and lots more. Let them.

(read “What Arts Councils Do For Performing Artists”)

#8. You can earn four figures a day as a performer if you can BE four figures: educator, entertainer, entrepreneur, and customer service rep.

(read “Four Figures a Day”)

#9. “Is this all you do?” usually means “You couldn’t possibly make a living as an artist, right?” The answer is “yes.” (And no, it’s not all we do).

(read “Is This All You Do?”)

#10. Great paying gigs won’t find you often enough – you have to find them.

(read “Two Steps to More Gigs”)

#11. There are a ton of free and low-cost resources out there to help you with your performing career. Start with this massive list.

(read “26 Professional Development Resources for Performing Artists”)

#12. Facebook ads can be inexpensive and really valuable in reaching new audiences. It’s OK to “pay to play.”

(read “Facebook Ads: 6 Wins for Musicians“)

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